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Hua ʻĀina


Hua: To fruit, produce, seed, to seed, an offspring(s),to bear a child.   

ʻĀina: Land, earth, to eat. 

"We believe that when we heal the ʻāina (land) we heal ourselves.

Our Hua ʻĀina Series are courses that focus on basic cultural aspects in relation to ʻāina. 

We do this by crafting online and in-person experiences for people who want to gain a deeper understanding about   the relationships we all have to nature using a Hawaii platform.

In Person Experiences with a twist

We teach rich cultural content, and with our content;  traverse the beautiful landscape with direction, meaning, function and most of all FUN.  

You will get to know the rivers, beaches, waterfalls, lava flows, and other significant features of the Hawaii landscape,  and apply your knowing to your place and natural environment.

Come Join Us

We invite you to come on this journey with us.  Our team has over 20 years in creating and teaching cultural experiences in Hawaii that has been very useful for others to connect to their place and environment in a consistent and meaningful way.

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