“The depth and thought process was meaningful. Learning about myself. Hawaii is a special place and thereʻs alot of Aloha”    


   “This is the first Hawaiian course Iʻve taken and I didnʻt know what to expect. I did not expect the impact that it took on my life. Iʻm pretty confident that it will stay with me for the rest of my life. This course has been enlightening and helped me to develop a deeper sense of self and build my confidence. “  


  “ This course was thought provoking. The geography or where we live is a big factor in who we are. Her course took my thinking to a different depth. Thereʻs a universal language that all things are connected, when we understand the connection for ourself we strenghten our intuitive and innate feelings that we are born with and trust what is right for you through our intuition. “